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Robert Busch with Joe Kane at the SMPTE conference In LA 2019

Busch Home Theater is located in the San Francisco Bay Area (Santa Rosa), owned & operated by Robert Busch. Robert Busch is a charter member of the ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) and JKP (Joe Kane productions).  Many manufactures have hired Robert  to work with and consult on many products over the years.  Robert is currently an outside contractor working with Dolby Laboratories as a PQ engineer’.

Equipment and Experience
With more than 30+ years of experience in electronics as an electronic technician, Robert understands both the audio side (2 channel audio and multi-channel) and video side of  and Home Theater Systems (low resolution through 4K-8k video).  Robert has calibrated many displays over the years for consumers and movie producers/Directors and the post-production community.  Robert who has studied under and learned from the best.  Robert can accurately set up and calibrate all types of audio and video display systems.   It doesn’t matter what you currently own, front or rear Projection, flat panels TV’s(DLP, DILA,QLED,QuantumDot,LCD, LCOS, LED, CRT, 4K UHD HDR10), Dolby Vision or Dolby Atmos. Calibration software and hardware- Calman’s Auto calibration software to calibrate, Klein K10A, Jeti 1511HS 2nanometer, Minolta CS200 Spectral Radiometer, Murideo SixG, Tektronix 1735 HDTV Waveform Analyzer, Sencore CP5000 Color Analyzer, Philips Color Analyzer, the first and original ISF optical comparator, Sencore HDTV Test Pattern Generator. Robert can calibrate you’re display to match the SMPTE video standards as well as calibrate sound systems to the match the THX® and Dolby Atmos standards. You can be assured that Robert will make sure your system delivers the best image and sound quality possible.

Mission Statement

Busch Home Theater has one mission and that mission is to help give everyone the option of getting it right. Knowing how hard the amazing people who create movies work to giving us incredible sound and visuals. There is nothing more rewarding than taking an Audio, Video or Home Theater concept and turning it into a truly incredible visual and sonic experience. When a system is designed and installed correctly the end user can experience the full glory of the movie maker’s or creators’ vision.   From the beginning of my career I have helped customers with the selection and configuration of their A/V systems. Whether it be selecting new components or upgrading their pre-existing systems, it is our mission to help you find the best of what is available at the time of purchase. It does not matter what type of system, a high-end audio room, home theater room, or other Busch Home Theater can help make it better. Have you ever had you’re A/V system calibrated? If not, Busch Home Theater can calibrate the audio or video components to bring out the very best

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Busch Home Theater travels throughout San Francisco Bay Area and the USA, offering A/V setup, optimization and calibration for individual consumers, post production facilities, home theater audio video custom installation companies, and retail A/V stores.

Services include:

  • Sony Auto calibration
  • LG Auto calibration
  • ISF Video Calibration of HDTV & SDTV displays
  • JKP Certified Calibration of HDTV & SDTV display
  • UHD HDR10 and Dolby Vision Video Calibration
  • Audio Setup & Optimization
  • Waveform and TEF Analysis
  • Audio / Video Equipment Sales
  • Equipment Installation (purchased from Busch Home Theater)
  • Custom Home Theater Design

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