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12-5-18 Ben Wrote
Sony XBR-75Z9F Master Series Display
Auto Calibration Using Calman Software.

Hi Robert

Thanks for the calibration last night. Both my wife and I really enjoying the way the TV is looking post calibration. 

I also want to say that I really appreciate your professionalism and expertise during the process. The fact that your brought your own reference material and knew what scenes to test, and then took the time to get the settings dialed-in across all the different formats and options was truly impressive. I definitely won’t hesitate to return to you for any future needs. 

If you would like to use this as a testimonial on your site please feel free to do. 

Also finally, I’d love to check out your system some time when I’m up in the Sonoma area. I’m particularly interested in how I could improve the overall sound quality in both my two-channel and home theater setups.
Thanks again. 
Best regards,



5-19-17 Don in Petaluma wrote.

Hey Robert!

The new set up is GREAT!
There’s so much difference from the M&K speakers.
Thanks for all the work you have done on it.

Have a good weekend!

5-4-17 Robert D In Ukiah wrote.


I wanted to thank you for coming all the way to ukiah to reengineer my paradigm home theater system purchased and installed incorrectly 2 years ago by another vendor. I was not impressed by the sound quality or image quality on my Huhdtv.  After Robert came by now sounds like what I expected when I first bought the system. Thanks for fixing someone else’s mistakes.
  Sincerely, Robert D

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I finally had some time to view more films and some DVDs on the system. Wow! That new screen is quite impressive. Overall, the film viewing experience is much more immersive. Color rendition
is really good and images look more solid (I don’t know the right word for video, for audio we say it sounds more palpable). The new screen is as much an improvement in the image as the projector
upgrade. It took a while for me to absorb and appreciate how much better the image is and the level of performance the system was able to do.

Overall, this has been quite the odyssey. I started with a large screen TV and a bookshelf
Dolby ProLogic amp and speakers. That evolved to a Toshiba 16:9 480p TV and Parasound surround sound equipment. Next was the Sony G70 CRT projector and a Stewart 80” wide 16:9 screen. Your
expertise took the Sony from great to stunning. Your support through the transition from CRT to
digital DLP projection was crucial since I expect the highest performance to price ratio. That
Samsung projector turned out to be perfect. What has also worked very well is all the support with calibration and the projector upgrade to the latest Dark Chip technology. The recent upgrade with the new DaLite screen really took the system to higher levels of performance. Fortunately you were able to not only recommend the right screen size, but you also knew that there was a screen designed specifically for my projector.

So, I would endorse and recommend your services and opinion to anyone seeking a home theater
system that provides stellar performance with excellent customer service and support.

Randall Fulton
(650) 315-6614

Hi all,

I have a new 60″ Samsung plasma and had been looking for a qualified and experienced ISF certified calibrator here in the SF Bay Area to perform the calibration.I selected Robert Busch, owner of Busch Home Theater in Santa Rosa, CA. After talking to Robert and agreeing on a date and time,
Robert arrived at my home, on time, and spent the better part of three hours calibrating the set and taking the time to explain what he was doing and why. When he was finished the picture quality, to my eyes, was absolutely stunning.My 60th anniversary blu ray of Singin in the Rain was rendered in all of its Technicolor glory. If you live in the SF Bay area and are looking for a top notch calibration, I highly recommend Robert Busch.

Disclaimer – I have no affiliation with Busch Home Theater – business, financial, familial or
otherwise. I’m just a super satisfied customer.

AVS member- Paco Fong


Just wanted to thank you for the great work on calibrating my VT50. It turned out great and I learned a ton! We watched a bunch more Modern Family last night and everyone was impressed. Can’t wait to watch a few movies on it. Also, I’m amazed at how much brighter the panel got once you opened up the ISF modes. It was far more than I was expecting. Now, I’ve got a tough choice of screen size
versus quality of image.

Kirk 2-12-13

Just shared a few scenes from Avatar blue ray with Wendy and even she was impressed, panel looking GREAT! really nice work. As my daughter just said “daddy, you’re obsessed with your new
Panasonic TC-P65VT50 Plasma TV”

Steven Gold

Thanks again. Robert just finished up. Once we got the right version of the software, it was a piece of cake. Looks tremendous. Colors are great. He said my set was much more responsive and accurate than the other non-elite sets he’s done. I would recommend him to anyone in the area. Now I just wish there was an ISF mode for 3D. Still ended up looking great. Now I can just sit back and enjoy.

teachsac, Elk Grove CA

Dave Hubbard review.

This is just a quick note from a Happy VT 50 owner. I purchased the 65 inch VT50 at the end of June through Amazon. Wasn’t too sure I wanted Plasma with there lower light output but did a lot of research and decided to buy one after reading the “Value Electronics Shootout” I put about 200 hrs. on the set using THX Cinema setting, then put Topper McFly’s settings in the Custom mode and put roughly another 150 hrs. on the set and was pleasantly surprised and pleased. I knew from day one that I was going to have the set calibrated so I called a friend I met in Santa Rosa Ca. while I was working for HP as a Tool and Die Maker and NC Milling machine programmer. I had Robert Busch of Busch Home Theater come to my house in upstate Ca. in 2002 and calibrate a 65 inch Sony XBR2 and got 10 years of very enjoyable movie viewing, so I called Robert again to arrange a calibration. He came up one
week later, spent almost all afternoon using his laptop and one Exotic looking light meter and various DVD’s in a darkened room playing with the set, and showing me the settings as he went along. He also tweaked the 3D, and when he was finished I had a picture on this set that I still amazes me every time I turn it on. I don’t want to belabor the point but I have never seen such natural colors. Picture detail was taken to a whole new level and the brightness is as bright as anyone could wish for. He got 35 foot lamberts after the calibration and watching TV during the day with shades open is a pleasure. We watched Avatar in 3D after the calibration and the quality was stunning. Anyone in the SF Bay area who is contemplating a calibration on there new TV can be secure in the fact that they will get there moneys worth with Busch. I understand there are probably plenty of high quality ISF calibrators in the Bay Area but I have had such good success with Robert I thought I would give him a “Shout-out” The Home Theater system is run through an Onkyo TX-NR3009 and Oppo BDP95 BluRay player and Harbeth Compact 7ES main speakers.

David Hubbard

•I had my VT50 65″ calibrated by Robert Busch (Busch Home Theater). I drop shipped the new set to Robert at his office. Robert then:

• Checked for dead/stuck pixels in case an immediate return was required.

• Aged and calibrated the set at his office. In doing this he used ISF measuring equipment plus double-checked the results of the calibration against his reference Joe Kane projector.

• Calibrations were for ISF Day and ISF Night, with these settings also enabled as an option for 3D viewing.

• He recommended the 60Hz setting for 1080p sources

I mentioned to Robert the “broken CMS” comments on this thread. He reported he was able to get accurate colors at 50 luminance (don’t ask me how as I can’t explain it).

After the set was delivered and installed, I compared Denon 3312CI scaled 1080p and the VT50 1080p on 1080i sources, mostly on regional sports channel baseball games from DTV, including panning baseball crowd shots. I couldn’t see any differences so I left the DVRs on a native out setting and the Denon on pass-thru, letting the VT50 handle the scaling to 1080p.

The set looks AWESOME. Blacks and colors are great, and the thing is much brighter than I had anticipated. I already had the room setup with blackout curtains for my old RPTV, so I’ve only been using ISF Night up to this point. DVDs look great. I paired this with an Oppo, which has saved my DVD library for now. Of course, Blu-ray is Blu-ray.

Great job by Robert, who was very patient and informative, and did a lot of work in addition to the TV calibration including installation and Audyssey setup for the Denon 3312CI.


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• ARSH, hi

I don’t believe I can offer tips in that regard because Robert already knows everything that he should be doing. Even today, when I see a scene with end credits, space scenes that have been done decently, It always seems to capture my breath because it still doesn’t seem possible to recreate the amount and quality of the blacks that I am viewing. Blacks being the foundation for contrast, seemingly never fails to provide that wow factor in my living room with my 60″ 151 elite. I am so thankful that I made the right decision about biting the bullet and just going for it. What surprised me the most was the level of absolute sophistication of the equipment he brought to my home. A number of measurements and tests were done with equipment that went beyond my actual visual acuity and our ability to perceive color and images. He was here a long time, maybe 3 hours but I’m not sure because it was so mesmerizing that I lost track of time.
He did all inputs, so now, it’s just set and forget, best protection of an investment that I’ve ever made. If you have any specific questions feel free. What Robert did in my home was so beyond and above my expectations compared to the first time I had a supposed ISF technician do a (fake) calibration on an hd set I purchased in 2004. I mean I now know what a professional calibration looks like, so sorry for rambling on but I hope this helps best regards Keith Robberding



•OK… So yes, this topic has been beaten to death and some are bored of the subject matter, oh well…. I have learned a lot in the few days this thread has been active. Since the started of this thread, I have been refunded my $$$ from BB for the calibration I purchased and hired an independent calibrator thanks to a PM from Turbe…. His name is Robert Busch of Busch Home Theater in Santa Rosa, Ca. Robert was very professional in my home and only showed me the up most respect to my wife and I. I kinda felt bad for the guy as he tried to explain to me what the hell he was doing, sad to say most went right over my head lol… This still didn’t stop him from showing me before and after results after about every adjustment made. What a great guy and a breath of fresh air to have such good communication. He explained his equipment, every test pattern and what he was trying to achieve with them. Robert was here for nearly 4 hours (with some BS’n) and looked at a few Blue ray DVD’s and some HDTV to check out his handy work. He even dialed in my new Blue Ray player for me. He took the time to explain all my monitors functions and the remote. For all you guys out there on the fence about getting a calibration done as I was, all I can say is DO IT!!! I thought I had a great picture before, well this thing rocks now. There is detail and color as never before. I could not be happier with the results. Robert has an acute eye for detail and knows his stuff. Yes, a professional like this will be more than BB, but at least I have piece of mind that it was done correctly. I want to thank Turbe for the referral and to Robert for the job well done… Steamfitter



•Robert Busch’s AVS name is: bht

You can find 9 Owner Calibration Reports for Robert Busch

Robert Busch is one of the “Big Guns” (as I like to call them) and veterans of the Calibration Business/World and is one of the few that has been/is networked with Joe Kane directly. He is also one
of the few Calibrators that has done calibrations for the ‘Majors’ of/in Hollywood including those behind some of the biggest blockbusters of all time.. Unfortunately, AVS had lost many of these “Big Guns” from posting on AVS for the most part (except the occasional ‘post’/’few posts’ per year/3 years).
Contract Robert from:
ISF Professionals who calibrate the Pioneer 9G Elites (ISFccc) and Non-Elites Pioneer Owner’s Calibration Reports

•Robert came to my home to calibrate my Pioneer PDP 60″ panel and worked diligently, explaining each step to me along the way, until it was essentially *perfectly* balanced. I was especially pleased with the outcome and impressed with the full potential of my monitor “unleashed”. Robert was actually able increase the …output while optimizing the balance of grayscale and color temperature / accuracy – unbelievable. He even extracted a substantial performance gain from an older CRT I use – remarkable improvement. I would recommend Busch Home Theater to anyone who wants their A/V system to work properly and get the MOST performance from your equipment possible. I thoroughly enjoyed Robert’s extensive knowledge of both the technical side and the history of calibration standards and processes. Thank you! Andrew Winter

• Hi Robert,

I just want say thanks for all your help with our t.v. It is awesome! We enjoyed watching sports and movies on it all weekend long. When we are ready to create a true home theater (a girl can dream, right?) you will be the guy we call to design it and install it!!!!


•I was in the market for a complete home theater system, and visited all of the high-end A/V shops in San Francisco. I initially contacted Robert to perform a display calibration, but after speaking with him a few times, I became confident in deciding to purchase all of my A/V components through Robert, in addition to having him provide complete audio and video calibration.
Why? Compared to the typical salespeople you’ll find at retail shops, Robert is truly passionate about his craft. He’s not driven by high volume sales quotas or manufacturer’s perks, and he’s not trying to sell you the latest gizmo on the market—he’s in business to provide you the finest audio & video experience that’s possible within your means. Robert offers an impressive body of relevant experience and industry certifications, has great contacts within the industry, and above all demonstrates an unwavering dedication to achieving the best quality possible in your A/V gear. Robert not only provided
an amazing value for my budget, but communicated with me frequently (often outside of normal business hours), and perhaps most importantly went above and beyond my expectations in dealing with the inevitable, unforeseen challenges inherent in today’s complicated A/V gear. Without exaggeration I can say that I have never before experienced the level of customer service as I have with Robert Busch, and it’s earned him a lifelong client.


Robert understands that systems like this are often one of the largest investments his clients will ever make, and he selects the brands and treats the setup as if they were going into his own home. He simply will not rest until his clients are completely satisfied with every aspect of their system, down to the smallest detail. I am thrilled with the components Robert recommended, and it almost goes without saying that my audio and video calibration were flawless. It is now a true pleasure to proudly enjoy movies, music and games every day with my friends and family.It’s rare to find
someone in any field as knowledgeable, enthusiastic, experienced and dedicated as Robert at Busch Home Theater, and the Bay Area is lucky to have him. Add in the fact that he’s one of the nicest, most genuine, personable, thorough, and patient guys you will ever meet, and I can easily recommend Robert for any of your audio/video needs without a moment’s hesitation.

–R. Sinclair

San Francisco, CA



•Pioneer Elite PRO 151FD calibration by Robert Busch, Had our TV calibrated and the picture looks fantastic! Factory setting seemed great but what a difference after the calibration was done! Having Robert in the house was like having a friend in the house while getting the job done but still very professional and knowledgeable. Would recommend Robert to anyone that is buying a TV and wants it calibrated. Regards, Mark


•Congratulations to Robert Busch of Busch Home Theater on his new venture. Robert Busch is a veteran ISF calibration technician since March of 1994; the ISF has retained his services for the setup and calibration of the Marquee 9500 front projection at Faroudja Laboratories.

– Best wishes,

Joel Silver President of the Imaging Science Foundation

•Hi Robert, Thanks again for a great job today. I’m really impressed. Emily and I just finished watching Star Trek on Blu-ray, and were blown away — it really felt like an actual movie experience. Robert Sinclair

•My office A/V system is vital to my business and I wouldn’t trust the projector setup to anyone but Robert. He’s not only skillful, but he does the job with an extraordinary patience for detail and an intense concern for getting things just right.

– Charles F. Goldfarb,

It looks great. The theater really looks great. You got it good the first time, but you really nailed it this time. Resolution is much better. Over-enhanced DVD’s really look bad now, but good mastering really looks like film.


Randall F.

•Got my Pioneer Elite141FD delivered a couple of weeks ago, did the burn in disc and all that jazz and right out of the box the picture quality blew me away. I have a 5020 in the other room within site of the 141 so I could compare them simultaneously: just no comparison, the 141 just looked more accurate, 3 dimensional, and “right”. So I was happy to say the least. But then I had Robert Busch come over the other day to calibrate both sets. I live in the Bay Area and he generally travels anywhere in the area. Really cool guy, professional, called an hour beforehand to say he was on his way, showed up right on time. Had all the gear and everything, politely took his shoes off and sat down to work. First he checked out my new Oppo blu-ray player, actually took the time to look through the manual and then compared it to his reference PS3 to make sure everything was on the up and up with the new player. Tweaked some settings (source direct seemed best) and then started the calibration of the 141. As luck would have it I seem to have one of the later production units that for some reason calibrates really nicely according to Robert (he’s done several of the 141s). He spent a good bit of time tweaking, explaining, tweaking, sweating (500W in your face gets hot), tweaking some more. And when he was done, we compared his ISF-day/night settings to the Pure setting I was using before and WOW; really unbelievable! It’s like a layer of grime was removed from the glass. Blacks seemed blacker, and whites were whiter, and overall improvement in contrast was simply over the top. Images (both Dish Network and blu-ray) had a palpable 3D Quality that was stunning. Colors looked much more accurate. I had no idea that such a level of improvement could be obtained with proper calibration. Even more surprising was the improvement in the 5020 after he calibrated it. I was reluctant to “waste” money on that set, as I wasn’t sure given its decreased tweakability that a calibration would help much. Wrong. After Robert was done, the “Movie” mode on the 5020 actually looked a bit better than the baseline uncalibrated Pure mode on the 141! Fantastic. After he was done he helped me with advice about acoustic treatments for my room, speaker placement, etc. and was overall just an invaluable resource. Plus, we had a blast; the guy has great taste in local Mexican food, I have to say! Overall a highly recommended calibrator if you live in the California Bay Area.


•Pioneer Elite101FD calibration by Robert Busch,

Now I have a display that is far superior to what I saw at Magnolia – a 111FD that set me back on my heels and convinced me I had to have a 9G Elite.  And my wife says it was worth the price of the
calibration just to have a display that I can’t tweak with the remote.
Anyone who has one of these displays and doesn’t spring for a pro
cal is missing much of the performance engineered into it.
Tell the wife that the TV won’t be adjustable with the remote once it’s
calibrated – maybe that will seal the deal.


• Hi Robert, Paul here you did a great job with the calibration the picture looks fantastic! Every chance I get I will recommned you
Thanks Paul

• I have had my 500M calibrated by Robert from, Busch Home Theater. The difference in the picture is phenomenal! Robert came to my home and was extremely helpful and friendly as well as very
professional. I am a very pleased customer, and highly recommend his service.


• Robert,

TV looks great. Can’t thank you enough, you were very professional and it was money well spent. Thanks for making my first calibration experience a good one.
Thanks again, you take care.


• Bob– I truly didn’t think my Pioneer 1120 could look better. But it does. Even my wife (the mother of all skeptics agrees!). Good job.Thank you. Below is a copy of my posting last night on Regards.
Harvey Stein

• Originally Posted by Jet Green, I have a Pioneer Pro1120HD the picture looks great! Does anybody else out there have one, if so have there’s been ISF cal? How does it look and how much did it cost? If the ISF would give me a better HD picture than what I
already have I don’t mind spending the additional cash.
Any insight would be grateful.
Jet– I, too, have an 1120. Purchased in early February. Build date of December. Absolutely NO buzz issue. I just had it calibrated by Robert Busch of Busch Home Theatre (SF Bay Area). I was skeptical about the cost/benefit since the 1120 display is so good out of the box. “How in the world could this look better?” Well– it DOES look better. INHD (Comcast HD channels) have always looked good, but the other HD premium channels (Showtime and HBO) were decidedly improved, especially the black levels. Having spent a small fortune on this home theatre, why settle for anything less than the best you can get? Go for it…

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