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Robert Busch has worked in the field of high-end audio and home theater for over 38 years. He has written product reviews for high-end audio/video magazines and has worked with many manufacturers to help improve their products. Robert has also been written up in many magazines and websites from the Rob Report to the Perfect vision describing the expertise and services he provides. Robert Busch is a certified electronic technician and has been JKP and ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) certified since there inception. He was one of the first to be Lucasfilm Ltd. THX certified. He has had the great fortune of working with some of the most respected people in audio/video world. Through Robert’s 38 years of experience he has acquired the knowledge to make a system work at its best or to its true potential.

Whether you have an existing system or are looking to buy a new one, let Busch Home Theater make your home theater experience the best it can be.

Busch Home Theater has worked with, and designed systems for many well-known companies that are included below.

  • Lucas Film
  • Pixar
  • Pacific Data Images
  • John Madden – Goal Line Productions
  • Color A Go Go
  • Creative Technologies
  • Whiskeytree
  • and many more.

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