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CIE 1931 Chromaticity Diagram SMPTE color bars on a NTSC vectorscope Smpte grayscale Indian Head Test pattern

  • Certified Calman technician for LG, Samsung, Sony, Visio, JVC factory Auto Calibration software. 

** GOT 4K HDR TEST SIGNALS? Busch Home Theater does! including Dolby Vision
**Busch Home Theater is one of the first calibration companies to have 4K HDR/Dolby Vision test pattern signals and videos.
Why is this important you may ask?  Without the 4K test material a calibrator cannot verify the
results of the 4K HDR TV being calibrated.
New calibration equipment-Jeti 1511 2nm, Klein K10A, Murideo SIX-A and Murideo SIX-G.

SDR-HDR-Dolby Vision calibration information
TV Calibration is getting more complicated with the new formats of HDR and Dolby Vision now available in consumer televisions.  The calibrator needs to understand how SDR, HDR and Dolby Vision formats work within the SMPTE BT.709, ST-2084 EOTF and PQ parameters. There is also new equipment needed to accomplish these tasks along with the knowledge of some reference material to verify the results of the calibration at the different mastering levels.

ISF level 1 Certified Calibrator ISF Level 2 Certified Calibrator Joe kane productions Certified Master Calibrator 

LUCASFILM THX Certified Calibrator

Audio Video calibration can make your Home Theater or Audio/Video system look and sound its best.
Busch Home Theater uses the newest state-of-the-art calibration equipment (Jeti 1511 two nanometer spectroradiometer-Klein K10A Colorimeter) to calibrate/optimize your existing in-home Audio/Video system.   Robert Busch can enhance your AV investment and help increase its performance and value.  Post calibration the A/V system will perform to its true potential and convey a much more accurate sound fidelity and visual experience.   Busch Home Theater has designed and calibrated Audio/Video system for customers all over the country.  Over the more than 28 years we have worked with all types of Audio/Video systems and know what it takes to get the most out of your entertainment system.  Robert can also help you upgrade your existing system to the next level and beyond.

Busch Home Theater is one of the first calibration companies to be certified by the Imaging Science Foundation and Joe Kan Production
Robert Busch is a charter member of the Imaging Science Foundation and Joe Kane productions.  Robert is currently working with Dolby Labs (Dolby Vision) as an outside contractor helping manufactures gain Dolby Vision certification.  Robert is retained by the Imaging Science Foundation and Joe Kane Productions as a certified trainer.

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