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ISF Calibration ISF Level 2 Certified Calibrator Joe Kane Productions Certified Calibrator

Busch Home Theater is one of the first calibration companies to be certified by the Imaging Science Foundation and Joe Kan Productions
Robert Busch is a charter member of the Imaging Science Foundation and Joe Kane productions.  Robert is currently working with Dolby Labs (Dolby Vision) as an outside contractor helping manufactures gain Dolby Vision certification.  Robert is retained by the Imaging Science Foundation and Joe Kane Productions as a certified trainer.

ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) History

The Imaging Science Foundation was founded by Joe Kane and Joel Silver.  Joel Silver is the
marketing master behind the Imaging Science Foundation.   He together with Joe Kane, the technical master behind the ISF, instructed the training seminars on how to properly calibrate and setup a
display to meet the NTSC and now the ATSC (HDTV/UHD 4K HDR) picture standard. Joe Kane, of Joe Kane Productions, is the creator of the test disc’s “A Video Standard” on laser disc, “Video Essentials” on DVD and “Digital Video Essentials” on Blu-ray. Joel Silver currently runs the ISF and the training seminars. Joe Kane is currently working on the new Ultra-high definition 2160P or (4K) standards plus consultant for Samsung and others.

ISF Calibration
Certified Calibration Technician for all brands. 

**Busch Home Theater is one of the first calibration companies to have 4K HDR test pattern signals and videos including  Dolby Vision.
Why is this important you may ask?  Without the 4K HDR test material a calibrator cannot verify the
results of the 4K TV being calibrated.
New Calibration Equipment- Murideo SIX-A and SIX-G, Jeti 1511 high res, Klein K10A.

***How to select an ISF calibration technician***

WARNING! I am very sorry to say that not all ISF video calibrators are created equal.

***Buyer beware! Anyone can pay to take a 2 day class and be ISF certified (electronics technician or not), but are they really qualified to calibrate an audio visual system correctly. Within the video
calibration lie a number of precise and complex adjustments. If these adjustments are set correctly, you will see a picture so stunning that you will ask yourself “how could I have thought the picture looked so great prior to calibration”. No matter what brand, make or model of display, it needs to be calibrated! None of the TVs or displays in todays market comes from the Manufacturer calibrated. To get the best results from a calibration, you don’t just want anyone inside your TV service menu or therefore inside your house. You want someone that you can truly trust. To find a person who is truly qualified you need to ask some very key questions:

• Does the calibrator have the proper test equipment and experience needed to measure the display.
(see equipment and experience at the bottom of this page for
a description of what equipment a calibrator should have).

• Does he or she have the in-depth knowledge of how the complex set of adjustments that are unique to each display (your specific display) work?

  • Does he or she understand how to configure the test pattern generator to send the correct signals to the display being calibrated.

• How long has the calibrator been in business and what level of electronics training have they been through (are they a certified electronic technician, etc.).

• Who were they trained by and ask for some referrals of past clients.

• Call the Imaging Science Foundation or Joe Kane Productions for an opinion of the person’s skills.

Did You Get what you paid for?

The calibrator should have a background in electronics or have certification as an electronic
technician or higher. They should have attended multiple training classes (ISF,JKP, THX, etc.) on how to properly setup and calibrate direct view, rear projection and front projection displays. They should have experience with calibrating many of the different brands of TV sets. The calibrator will now also need training on digital display technology verses Analog. Most of the technology today Plasma, LCD with LED back-lit systems, DILA or LCOS and DLP are digital. This is more important than one would think. Once you have identified the person to calibrate your new set, the next question is how much will it cost? This will vary anywhere from $275 to $400 for direct view sets; $400 to $750 for rear projectors; $400-750 for plasma and LCD and $750 to $1250 for front projectors. Whatever the price, a highly skilled ISF calibration technician is worth every dollar spent. Don’t throw away your money hiring the wrong company or person (see links below). A seasoned professional
calibrator will maximize your investment by bringing out the full potential of your display the way the director/producer intended us to view it.

The Perfect Vision Magazine article. Real-World Home Theater by Wayne Garcia (reprint courtesy of TheAbsoluteSound.com &  ThePerfectVision.com)

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Busch Home Theater
Equipment and experience

Busch Home Theater is a company that you can trust.  They have all of the needed equipment (the first and the original ISF Optical comparator), Color analyzer, Spectral Radiometer, HD waveform monitor, HD test pattern generator, Sencore color pro for ISFccc adjustments) Control-Cal software, TEF system and over 25 years of technical experience. Robert Busch was one of the first to be trained as an ISF certified Technician and is also certified by JKP (Joe Kane Productions). Robert is currently retained by the ISF for training and setup of display systems at ISF seminars. If you would like to setup an appointment to have your set calibrated by one of the best calibration technicians or if you have any question, please Contact us. 707-573-9170

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