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** GOT 4K Dolby Vision, HDR and SDR TEST SIGNALS? Busch Home Theater does!
ISF/JKP 4K video calibration will greatly improve the video displays image or picture quality. All televisions and home video displays from the factory give you wildly inaccurate images when first
installed. According to many magazines and website forums (Sound and Vision, The perfect vision Widescreen review AVS forum etc.), manufacturers deliberately boost the contrast, brightness and color settings to un-naturally high levels to show these devices off amidst the fluorescent glare of an electronics store showroom. Once the display enters a home theater or living room environment
calibration corrects errors such as distorted picture geometry, artificially sharp edges white balance and overemphasized red tones and much more.

**Busch Home Theater is one of the first calibration companies to have 4K HDR Dolby Vision test pattern signals and videos.
Why is this important you may ask?  Without the 4K test material a calibrator cannot verify the
results of the 4K TV being calibrated.
New Calibration Equipment-Murideo SIX-A and SIX-G, HDFury Integral. Just added Jeti 1511 and the Klein K10A.

SDR-HDR-Dolby Vision calibration information
TV Calibration is getting more complicated with the new formats of HDR and Dolby Vision now available in consumer televisions.  The calibrator needs to understand how the SDR, HDR and Dolby Vision formats work within the SMPTE BT.709, ST-2084 EOTF and PQ parameters. There is also new equipment needed to accomplish these tasks along with the knowledge of some reference material to verify the results of the calibration at the different mastering levels.

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