The Anthem MRX-710 Gen2 Sound and Vision Article

The Anthem MRX-710 is a beast ” Sound and Vision “

If you are all about sound quality and not the gadgets
then this is the product for you.  Busch Home Theater
is proud to offer the Anthem MRX-710 A/V Receiver.

PRICE $1,999

Advanced build quality
Subtle room correction
Crisp, dynamic sound
No wireless anything
A tad analytical

The top model among Anthem’s second-generation receivers omits needless features and splurges on performance.

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“The Paradigm Reference Studio 10 v.5 bookshelf speakers

“The Paradigm Reference Studio 10 v.5 bookshelf speakers are overachievers in almost every
respect.” – Bob Barrett, Home Theater Review

Posted: 27 Jun 2014 08:51 AM PDT

Bob Barrett of Home Theater Review published a review of the Paradigm Reference Studio 10 this week and judging by the HTR Product Rating of 4.5 Stars… we think he thoroughly enjoyed them! Here are a few quotes…

ParadigmHTR_Studio 10 v.5_Rating


“Over the course of listening, the character of the little Studio 10s really struck me as that of an overachiever. They brought out more musical details than I expected from such a small speaker. The timbre of instruments sounded so lifelike…  I was struck by how well the Studio 10s got the little nuances of the instruments right, which provided greater emotional impact and enjoyment. The Paradigms were also able to reproduce both female and male voices with tonal accuracy and fullness, never sounding thin or bloated.”

“The Paradigm Reference Studio 10 v.5 bookshelf speakers are overachievers in almost every
respect. These very musical speakers will surprise you with their ability to produce a huge soundstage while accurately portraying voices and instruments in space with finesse.”

“Considering their published frequency response, the Paradigms deliver a lot more bass energy than expected. They do have their limits, though, especially in being able to produce the large amounts of low-end punch required by bass-heavy music. For those applications, combine the Studio 10s with one or more matching Paradigm subwoofers, and you’ll be in bass heaven.”

“The Paradigm Reference Studio 10 v.5 bookshelf speakers provide a great entry point into the
high-end audio hobby without breaking the bank account. They’re also a great start to a complete home theater surround system if mated with other Paradigm Reference Studio Series products.”

Click here! to read the full Studio 10 review.

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