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Busch Home Theater is owned & operated by Robert Busch. Robert is a charter member of the ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) and JKP (Joe Kane productions). With more than 25+ years of experience in electronics as an electronic technician, Robert understands how to accurately set up and calibrate all types of displays, projection systems (DLP, DILA, LCD, LCOS, LED, CRT), flat panels TV’s (Plasma, LCD,LED LCD). Busch Home Theater is equipped with a Minolta CS200 Spectral Radiometer, Tektronix 1735 HDTV Waveform Analyzer, Sencore CP5000 Color Analyzer, Philips Color Analyzer, optical comparator and a Sencore HDTV Test Pattern Generator. Robert can calibrate you’re display to match the SMPTE video standards as well as calibrate sound systems to the match the THX® standard’s. Robert can make sure your system delivers the best image and sound quality possible.

Reviewed the Prestige 75F floorstanding speaker from Paradigm.

Prestige collection

CE Pro senior editor Bob Archer reviewed the Prestige 75F floorstanding speaker from Paradigm.

Read the highlights below: I was completely impressed. The first thing I noticed was the speakers’ ability to produce a big, airy soundstage. I also found the 75Fs to produce fast dynamics…. the
instrumental warmth, lifelike transparency, natural vocals and dynamics came through in a big way.  I believe these loudspeakers can give more expensive offerings a run for their money. The 75Fs are smooth with very good top- and bottom-end extension. They throw a big soundstage and offer lots of detail.  I’ve heard a lot of Paradigm speakers over the years and if the 75Fs are a good representation of the series, I’m comfortable calling the Prestiges the best speakers the company has
ever engineered.
See the entire review here.

Anthem’s new AVM60 pre-pro and MCA power amps

Anthem’s new AVM60 pre-pro and MCA power amps are now in stock and shipping, with even better sound, 32 bit DACs, 4-core processor, true 4k video with HDCP 2.2 compliance, features like Dolby Atmos, HD file streaming ability up to 24/192, ARC (the world’s best room correction), & a
completely redesigned MCA series of amplifiers make this Pre-pro/amp combination the best ever. Along with the new Anthem MRX receivers that are also now in stock, 2016 will be an exciting year.

Anthem AVM 60 with amp stack