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4K UHD TV Special

With the purchase of a Sony XBR-X950B or the X940C / X930C series 4K Ultra HD with Android TV from Busch Home Theater get a free calibration. Valid through October 2015XBR-X950B 4K Ultra HDTV w pic

If you are looking to purchase the best 4K TV now and want the best picture quality available, then these three Sony products are for you.  These products are being used in post-production studios that I have calibrated, simply stated these 4K TV’s are the best available.




Paradigm Prestige 95F Floorstanding Speaker Reviewed


I’ll admit that I somewhat backed myself into a corner with my last big speaker review. In it, I rather tersely summed up my criteria for a good speaker as tonal neutrality, low distortion, and excellent time alignment between the disparate drivers, and I confidently proclaimed the speaker in question an unmitigated success on all fronts. So how, now, do I square that with the fact that I’m thoroughly and utterly in love with another pair of speakers that checks off all of the same tick marks in terms of what a good speaker should sound like to me, yet somehow manages to sound utterly different in so many other ways?
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High End Audio in the North bay-Mark Levinson, Revel Speakers, Lexicon, JBL Synthesis

Busch Home Theater will be hosting Home Theater and 2 Channel audio listening demonstrations for customers wanting to hear and see state of the art Audio and Video systems in northern California.
Products: Home Theater and 2 Channel
Surround Sound and Amplifiers: ATI, Anthem, Bryston, Lexicon, Mark Levinson, Parasound Halo, Theta and more.
Speakers: Bryston, Kef, Paradigm, Revel and more.

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