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Reviewed the Prestige 75F floorstanding speaker from Paradigm.

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CE Pro senior editor Bob Archer reviewed the Prestige 75F floorstanding speaker from Paradigm.

Read the highlights below: I was completely impressed. The first thing I noticed was the speakers’ ability to produce a big, airy soundstage. I also found the 75Fs to produce fast dynamics…. the
instrumental warmth, lifelike transparency, natural vocals and dynamics came through in a big way.  I believe these loudspeakers can give more expensive offerings a run for their money. The 75Fs are smooth with very good top- and bottom-end extension. They throw a big soundstage and offer lots of detail.  I’ve heard a lot of Paradigm speakers over the years and if the 75Fs are a good representation of the series, I’m comfortable calling the Prestiges the best speakers the company has
ever engineered.
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